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New Bridge To Link Singapore And JB

Some of the mega projects set to be implemented by the Johor state government next year include the construction of a part of a bridge that will link Johor Bahru and Singapore, reported Channel NewsAsia.

“The bridge could be crooked or straight, but it would be a reality,” said Johor Chief Minister Osman Sapian on Monday (12 Nov).

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In October, Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it was yet to receive “any official proposal or communications” regarding the construction of a so-called “crooked bridge” from Malaysia.

First mooted by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad during his previous term in office, the crooked bridge would involve a six-lane highway that curves in such a way to allow vessels to pass under it. Dr Mahathir announced in 2013 that Malaysia would build its own half of the bridge should Singapore refuse to demolish its half of the Causeway.

Osman explained that the bridge’s design has not been finalised. He noted that construction would start after all quarters had agreed on how to address congestion at the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link and the Johor Causeway.

So far, no negative comments have been received about the revival of the crooked bridge project after the state government had explained the matter, Osman told The Star.

“This is to solve the congestion at both entry points … and it only gets worse during holidays,” he said.

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