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Kampung Padang Jawa Residents Ask State Government To Help Save Their Homes

Thirty-four families at Kampung Padang Jawa, Klang called on the state government to help them save their homes, which could be demolished due to their refusal to sign a new tenancy agreement.

The residents for Lot 1416 and Lot 626 refused to sign the new agreement – which allows them to stay in their homes until 31 December this year – as some of the terms listed in the document differ from their previous agreement.

“We have already discussed with all parties on 24 September regarding a win-win tenancy agreement,” said Concerned Residents Committee for Lot 1416 and Lot 626 chairman Azman Mohd Taib.

He noted, however, that the tenancy agreement they received from landowner Ehsan Bina Sdn Bhd was different, reported The Star. “If we sign it, we will lose out.”

One of the provisions in the new tenancy agreement states that if the residents failed to pay RM400 within the first week of each month, the landowner will have the right to demolish their homes any time, without prior notice.

“Normally, if a tenant does not pay their rent, the landowner would have to go to court first to compel the tenant to pay, and after that seek an eviction or demolition order,” said the residents lawyer Mehnagha Luckhmana at a press conference.

The new agreement also referred to the residents as “illegal residents” even as a prior court ruling stated that the residents were not illegal as they have a right to reside there.

“These residents actually have signed tenancy agreements from 1970, so how is it possible that they are illegal as most of them have lived here all their lives,” said Mehnagha.

Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) secretary general A. Sivarajan, who was also at the press conference, urged the landowner to amend the new tenancy agreement to a fairer one and the state government to step in for the residents.

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