Who We Are?

Bonna Asset Appraisal is one of the major departments of Bonna Realty Group and the most in-demand property appraisers in Cambodia. Since 1999, BAA has been providing property valuation and appraisal services, with its appraisal reports recognized with accuracy and transparency by banks, embassies, financial institutions, private companies and more

All Bonna Asset Appraisal valuers have a great deal of experience in the field in addition to their professional qualifications. Moreover, BAA’s valuation is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance which gives clients confidence in the entire appraising process.

What We Do?

Bonna Asset Appraisal strictly follows international standards of valuation in valuating properties. Being the most sought after Property Appraisers in Cambodia, BAA gives its clients value for their money and confidence in its valuation reports. All businesses need property valuation and there is a wide array of purposes for which valuations are required. These range from valuations for purchase and sale, tax assessment, settlements, investment and financing.

Bonna Asset Appraisal offers its customers complete and accurate data through the following methods and approaches to valuate property:

  • Comparable method
  • Investment/Income Approach
  • Accounts/Profits Approach
  • Development/Residual method
  • Contractor’s/Cost method
  • And/or a combination of the above-mentioned approaches

With the detailed and unbiased appraisal of our Valuation Team, Bonna Asset Appraisal has been the leading service provider for property appraisal and valuation in Cambodia as the service is being used by 85% of the major commercial banks in the country including the National Bank of Cambodia.

Why need asset appraisal service?
  • To fully understand the real market value of a property for future investment and business
  • To get property valuation reports and certificates recognized by banks and financial institutions for various loans
  • To know the growth of the value of your assets
  • To show business partners your personal assets
  • To show the value of real properties to embassy for purpose of traveling
Professional Indemnity Insurance

Bonna Realty Group Certificate of InsuranceAt Bonna Asset Appraisal we always are thinking ahead on how we can add extra value to our clients. All Bonna Asset Appraisal come with Professional Indemnity Insurance.

If an error or omission occurs from our property valuation work resulting in financial loss of our client we will bear the full cost of these claims and disputes.

This Professional Indemnity Insurance give our clients a peace of mind knowing that their property valuation is value by a leading professional estate company in Cambodia. This is just another way of assurance our client with trust and confidence in our valuation service.

Our Valuable Partners

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