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Pioneering The Real Estate Industry in Cambodia

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Established since September of 1999, Bonna Realty Group has been a leader in the dramatic transition in making an undeveloped and underrated country to a potential market for investors. During these years, Bonna Realty Group has cultivated numerous relationships and earned the trust of both local and foreign investors, helping them achieve the maximum potential of their real estate investments in Cambodia.

Bonna Realty Group is a privately held, full service real estate company located in the heart of Phnom Penh. Mr. Sung Bonna, President and CEO of the company invested his time and effort to meet all of his clients needs, catering to all classes of society both local and foreign alike. Starting from a small office space with only a desk, an old motorbike and pure determination and hard work, the company managed to grow in terms of property assets, employees and business relationships.

Since 1999 the group has invested time and money in training and developing a dedicated and silled workforce to serve the growing clientele.

Through the years, Bonna Realty Group has partnered with the country’s leading local and foreign banks, maintaining good business relationships. Other Bonna Realty Group facilities include three apartment buildings in Phnom Penh, which are strategically positioned to accommodate the rapid area development and customer’s convenience.

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