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HDB Explores Ways To Develop Smarter, Cooler Homes

HDB revealed that the collaboration with Evonik is aimed at exploring solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change as well as enhance concrete manufacturing processes.

Specifically, HDB and Evonik will study on ways to reduce heat transmitted in HDB buildings through the use of the latter’s high-performance insulation material, Calostat.

“The silicon-based material, which is sustainable, non-combustible, hydrophobic (able to repel water) and pressure resistant, has been tested and proven to have good thermal insulation properties, and adopted in developments in Germany, Switzerland and London,” said HDB.

HDB and Evonik will also explore ways to improve the workability and strength of concrete through the use of the latter’s “special silica or metal oxides as additives to the concrete pre-mix”.

HDB noted that the study is slated to commence in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Meanwhile, the collaboration with V-Key will explore ways to enhance the smart distribution boards within smart-enabled flats, which could prove useful for smart home appliances with no built-in gateway.

With appliances such as motion sensors, smart lighting and smart curtains installed in a flat, residents can have the curtains drawn or lights switched on automatically when they step into a room.

“Households with elderly members can also choose to conveniently install an elderly-monitoring system, where a system of motion sensors in the home can detect and “learn” the movements of the elderly, such as the time they usually get out of bed or leave their homes for their activities,” said HDB.

“If the sensors fail to detect the regular movements, an alert can be sent to their next-of-kin or caregiver.”

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