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Errant Motorists To Face Higher Parking Fines From 1 July

From July 1, motorist who flout parking rules will face stiffer fines, announced the Housing & Development Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).

“All motorists are required to observe the parking regulations and park their vehicles in designated lots. Vehicles that are parked indiscriminately may endanger the safety of others, besides causing obstruction and inconvenience to other users,” they said in a release.

Parking fines were last revised in 1991.

The offences that will be affected are illegal parking offences, coupon and digital parking offences and payment evasion offences at EPS car parks.

The current fines for illegal parking are $80, $50 and $25 respectively for heavy vehicles, cars and motorcycles, which will be adjusted to $100, $70 and $30 respectively.

For parking without valid coupons and no digital parking sessions activated, the current fines are $30 and $40 respectively with motorcycles facing a fine of $8.

These will be changed to $40 and $50 respectively for cars and heavy vehicles, while there will be no change for motorcycles.

Meanwhile, the present fines for vehicles that exceed their paid parking sessions are from $12 to $40 for heavy vehicles and $6 to $20 for cars, with motorcycles getting a fine of $4.

These fines will be adjusted to $16 to $48 for heavy vehicles and $8 to $24 for cars, with again no change for motorcycles.

On the other hand, the current fines for evading payment of parking fees by bypassing car park gantries at EPS carparks or tailgating other vehicles are at $80, $50 and $25 for heavy vehicles, cars and motorcycles respectively.

Such fines will be raised to $100, $70 and $35 for heavy vehicles, cars and motorcycles respectively.

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