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China’s Shanghai United Imaging launches U.S. business

CHICAGO, Nov. 26 (Xinhua) — For an exhibiting area over 1,200 square meters at the 104th Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting, China’s Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co. Ltd. (UIH) has been putting on display 20 latest CT, MR, PET-CT, and RT products as well as some core technology components.

This is the first time for UIH to attend the RSNA meeting, which began on Sunday this year and runs till Friday, and the Chinese company took the opportunity to make its debut in the U.S. market.

“The United States is the largest and most important medical device market in the world and we are proud to make our debut at RSNA this year,” said Xue Min, UIH’s chairman of the board and chief executive officer, on Sunday.

In the past five years, UIH has opened four R&D centers in the U.S. cities of Houston, Cleveland, Concord and Boston respectively. It is now opening a regional headquarters as well as building a wholly-owned manufacturing facility in Houston.

“We are building our U.S. regional headquarters in Houston, which will integrate R&D, production, training and marketing services to better serve our customers in the U.S.,” Xue said.

Among the machines UIH exhibits at the meeting, there is the world’s first total body PET-CT called uExplorer, which has a two-meter-long axial field of view, 30 to 40 times the sensitivity of conventional CT machines, 2.9-mm resolution, and as low as one-40th of radiation dose of conventional machines.

Another eye-catching exhibit is the radiofrequency power amplifier (RFPA), a core technology component. Different from being one piece unit as convention has it, the amplifier consists of four modules.

“This has facilitated carrying and maintenance,” Alex Li, vice president of UIH, told Xinhua. “It can work for a month continuously.”

UIH has spent five years to develop this RFPA integrated with cross-border technologies.

“UIH is a dynamic company focused on innovative technology,” UIH North American Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey M Bundy said. “Our commitment to advancements in medical imaging and radiology and our ability to innovate at a rapid pace are core strengths.”

Established in 2011 and headquartered in Shanghai, UIH develops and produces a full portfolio of advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, as well as offers medical IT and intelligent solutions.

Of its 3,200-strong contingent, half are R&D personnel, Jame Xia, UIH vice president, told Xinhua.

UIH began to explore overseas market in 2017, and is exporting its products to more than 20 countries and regions worldwide. The Chinese company is now applying for registration with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“It is UIH’s goal to provide premium products and services for customers around the globe,” Xue said.

UIH’s products range from affordable low-ends to high-ends that can be used for research, said Xia.

“We are committed to be an agent of positive change in our industry through our product and services offerings,” Bundy echoed.

Established in 1915, the RSNA is an international society of radiologists, medical physicists and other medical professionals with more than 54,000 members across the globe.

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